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All prospective boarding and daycare guests need to be able to integrate with our pack within the home. Daycare subscribers and VIP guests must also be able to integrate and socialize with the daycare crew on their day/s of the week. The good news is that we have a really great daycare crew! 


Crosley is a 5-year old Hound mix and the pack leader of our crew. He is extremely good natured and obedient, and he makes all the final calls on new house guests.


Monkey is a 6-year old miniature Pitbull/Boston Terrier mix. He is the oldest of our pack but also the most submissive. He is always welcoming of new play pals!


Addy (a.k.a Princess Adeline) is our youngest and newest pack member. She is a high energy she-hound that loves to howl. Addy is a sweet girl who loves her daycare friends.



Zoey and Carter are both shelter rescues from STAF (Save the Animals Foundation) in RedBank. Zoey is Crosley's biological sister. She was adopted to a local family and reunited with her brother.

Carter (also a STAF rescue) joined their family a few months later and Addy (also a STAF rescue) joined ours! Now we have 4 hounds from STAF on property several days a week. What a great story! (More on STAF at the bottom of this page)


Bailey is a 3-year old Mini Golden Double Doodle, and the most cosmopolitan of our crew. Don't let her demure size fool you though, she paces the daycare on most days.


Lou is a 10-year old Treeing Walker Hound and the elder statesman of our weekday crew. He loves playing frisbee and baking dog treats. Lou still plays in spurts, but mainly he likes to kiss his many girlfriends, nap in the sun and bake treats.


Chloe is a 2-year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and the youngest crew member at the moment. She is a sweet girl that likes to run with the smaller dogs and also sit in laps. Chloe is one of Chef Lou's many love interests.


Rosie is one of our newer crew members, and she fits in perfectly with our gang. Along with Bailey, she comprises one half of the "Doodle Heads". She is also the world's biggest Cincinnati Reds fan.


Kaiser is an adult GSD and is currently the largest dog in our crew, but don't let his size fool you, he's a big softy! Kaiser is the acting Guardian of the Balls. Kaiser is the brother of Atticus.


Atticus is a young Shepherd/Malinois mix with boundless energy and a huge heart. He is the sweetest boy around and plays nicely with all dogs and humans. When Atticus isn't chasing the pack he's looking for a lap to climb into. Atticus is Kaiser's brother.


Toby and Bob are the "Snowbirds" - they join our crew in the summer months and then enjoy retirement in Florida the rest of the year. The small dog group always misses them in the Winter! Toby seen here being a ham for the camera.


Mild mannered Bob is a curious fellow who likes to keep up with the daily activities of daycare with his nose. Bob's nickname is the "Hoover" because he will sweep up any tasty morsels the rest of the crew leaves behind. Hobbies include naps in the shade, snacking and additional naps in the shade...


Hershey, or "Hershey Bear" as we like to call her, is a dignified older woman who can usually be found leisurely strolling in and out of the daycare activities. Hershey plays in spurts and also likes to stop and smell the roses when things become too chaotic. She is a sweet girl who loves to be pampered!

STAF (Save the Animals Foundation


Funded entirely by donations and operated by volunteers, STAF's no-kill shelter currently homes over 300 dogs and cats, many of whom have been abused, abandoned or literally tossed away. Teams of volunteers work with the animals two shifts a day, 365 days a year, providing them with a safe and caring environment until they can place them in permanent, loving homes. Over the years STAF has matched thousands of lucky animals with equally lucky families. We thank STAF for bringing Crosley, Addy, Zoey and Carter into our lives, and we hope that you will consider STAF for your pet adoption needs.

Adopt Don't Shop.


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